Testosterone Pellet Therapy

As a woman ages beyond 20 years testosterone levels steadily decline, and by age 40 testosterone levels have dropped to about half of previous highs.  This can result in bodily symptoms such as increased belly fat, bone loss, low energy, low sex drive, low muscle mass, mood issues, and brain fog. Testosterone pellet therapy can be a gamechanger in this situation.

Do you wake up each day with low energy?

Do you notice that small hiccups in your day seem to “set you off” with feelings of anxiety?

Do you struggle with a low sex drive that negatively impacts your relationship with your significant other?

Do you feel physically weak and notice flabby muscles where you used to be toned and defined?

These are all symptoms consistent with low testosterone.  

What Are Testosterone Pellets?

These tiny pellets are the size of a grain of rice and 1-2 pellets are painlessly inserted under the skin in the upper outer buttock area every 3-4 months.  These pellets slowly release testosterone and even pulse to a higher level as the body needs this (such as during exercise).  Scars are minimal and are hidden beneath the bikini line.  One can stay on pellets for years without a problem.  Testosterone creams can also be used as an alternative if patients prefer, although the pellets do tend to be a real game changer in women who are highly symptomatic of low T. 

Is Testosterone Therapy Right for Me?

A comprehensive evaluation including a history, physical examination and laboratory testing will be used to determine if testosterone therapy is a good choice to address perimenopausal or postmenopausal symptoms.  In addition to addressing diet, movement, stress resilience, sleep, and hydration, hormone replacement – including testosterone pellet therapy – can have profound positive impacts on health.  As a woman ages, testosterone levels steadily decline.  Testosterone maintains healthy libido and sexual response, including raising the intensity of orgasms.  This is a big deal considering that sexual dysfunction is estimated to affect 25%-63% of women on average and rises to 68%-86% in the postmenopausal years.  Testosterone depletion plays a major role in female sexual dysfunction.  But that’s just the beginning of the story.  Testosterone pellets also have a positive impact on sleep, brain fog, energy, motivation, anxiety, and depression.  It can improve bone health and muscle strength, decrease aches and pains, and give skin a healthier appearance.

How long will it take before the pellets start working?

Most people notice an improvement in symptoms of low testosterone within 1-2 weeks of pellet insertion. 

How is this different from other forms of hormone replacement therapy?

Testosterone replacement can be used by itself or along with estrogen and progesterone for hormone balance.  It is also possible to use testosterone in the form of a compounded cream, although pellets have superior results in many individuals due to higher potency and physiological mimicking.

The Functional Medicine Approach To Perimenopause and Menopause

Testosterone replacement therapy can be part of a comprehensive plan to help with the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause along with addressing lifestyle factors including diet & nutrition, stress resilience, movement & exercise, and sleep support.  Addressing other hormone imbalances and bodily symptoms is also an important part of the functional medicine approach. 

Where Do I Begin?

When it comes to hormone imbalances like low testosterone, it’s important to work with a functional medicine practitioner who follows a truly whole-body and inclusive approach while running the correct lab tests to determine exactly where your imbalances are.

Once you receive the results from your comprehensive testing, we pair this with a personalized healing protocol that also includes the important lifestyle changes you need to feel better quickly.

If you have been experiencing symptoms related to low testosterone, perimenopause or menopause, schedule an appointment with Awaken today!

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