Creating A Long Life Of Optimal Health

We believe that health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  At Awaken Functional Medicine, it’s our goal to help you create optimal health for living a vibrant life and for feeling good in your body!

Health is wealth…because when you’re sick, you quickly realize that without health, there’s little freedom to fully enjoy life.

Our goal is to not only help you resolve any chronic symptoms, but also teach you the science behind optimal wellness.  This includes balancing your hormones and gut health, eating the proper diet (that works uniquely for your biology) and avoiding the pitfalls of modern living (such as highly toxic foods, environments, and anything else) that might be impacting the healthy, natural balance of your body.

Sadly, conventional insurance-driven medicine does little in the way of prevention or focusing on the systems that rule your immunity.  Many primary care providers aren’t trained (nor have the time in a standard 7-minute visit) to teach you how to keep chronic illness at bay – by healing your gut health, balancing hormone health, and feeding your body with the correct foods.

Conventional medical training also may treat each organ a separate entity, and doesn’t take into account that all these systems are not only deeply linked but can also impact each other when one is out of balance.

This is why it’s important to supplement your existing care approach when your needs go beyond acute care.  And it is why you should partner with a qualified Functional Medicine practitioner.  As Functional Medicine practitioners, we prioritize specific aspects and principles of overarching health in our programs.

We also empower you with the knowledge and coaching so that you can implement them in your life – and this is how we promote sustainable, long term health among our patients.  Our approach includes addressing the following key components:

1) Lifestyle factors:  Diet, sleep, stress management and hydration are the cornerstones in beginning the healing journey.  We will recommend a therapeutic dietary intervention for each unique individual.  (Let food be thy medicine!)  If stress or sleep is an issue, this will be addressed with lifestyle and supplement/medication interventions as needed.

2) Bodily deficiencies/imbalances:  After lab results return, further interventions to address hormone and/or nutrient imbalances will be the next key component that we address at Awaken.  

3) Need for repair:  This is an area commonly missed in conventional medicine.  Healing of the gut, opening detox pathways, healing emotions, and rebooting the nervous system are just some examples of areas of the body that require healing in order for one to experience optimal health.

4) Need for Detoxification:  Removal of the issues or substances that contribute to the bodily burden is imperative.  Examples of these issues or substances include stress, metals, mold, chemicals, and stealth infections.

Another way of looking at the healing process is following the principles mentioned by Tracy Harrison of The School of Applied Functional Medicine: 1) Maximize 2) Minimize and 3) Prioritize

Maximize:  Put in what’s needed for this unique person
– Raw materials your body needs to function/heal
– Oxygen, Water, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Protein, Healthy Fats
– Belief that the therapy one is choosing is effective and safe.
Minimize:  Take out what’s harmful for this unique person
– Toxins, Infections, Allergens, Stress, Trauma
– Limiting beliefs, fear, negative expectations
Prioritize:  Create an environment for healing for this unique person
– Sleep, Rest, Laughter, Stress Reduction
– Exercise, Stretching, Breathing
– Meaningful Relationships
– Positive visualizations and associations

Take The First Step On Your

Journey With Me

Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make the decision to become a patient.  Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you may have to determine if Awaken Functional Medicine is right for you.

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