Lynise Perry

Clinical Nutritionist & Culinary Nutrition Professor

Lynise Perry is specially trained as a clinical nutritionist and a culinary nutrition professor.  She has the expertise to customize a plan that is nourishing and delicious.  Her approach to nutrition take into consideration each person’s unique biochemistry, lifestyle habits, and personal preferences & goals.

Lynise is not your average nutritionist.  As a functional nutritionist she takes a more holistic approach, personalizing recommendations based on her patients’ genetics, lifestyle, environment, experiences, preferences and health concerns.  In other words, she doesn’t believe there is one “right” diet for everyone.  Empowering others with the knowledge and resources to make healing whole foods delicious and enjoyable is her mission in life.  The end of yo-yo dieting and the beginning of sustainable lifestyle change does, in fact, start with this step!

If you are looking for someone who will provide realistic, compassionate guidance and the accountability to help you reach your nutrition goals, then she is the person for you! Lynise looks forward to helping you on your journey to reach optimal health.

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Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make the decision to become a patient.  Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you may have to determine if Awaken Functional Medicine is right for you.

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